Steel Innovation Cluster & Steel Square, ready for take-off in 2016

2016 will be a key year for both initiatives. The Steel Innovation Cluster, created in September 2015, has achieved the inclusion of new companies during the last months, following the expectations of counting on reference partners within the different value chains identified in the steel sector. The cluster is composed by 16 partners, representing more than 80% of the steel sector turnover, 55% of its related employment and more than 50% of the total exports of the region.

Further to the kick-off meeting and the first General Assembly, the Steel Innovation Cluster has made use of the offer from the University of Oviedo to show the initiatives to all interested research groups in the steel sector. This event took place in January 19th at the “Aula Magna” of the Historical Building of the University of Oviedo; the Chancellor of University of Oviedo, Mr. Vicente Gotor, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship General Director of the Regional Government, Mr. Francisco José Delgado, the President of the Cluster, Mr. Nicolas De Abajo, and the Technical Secretary, Mr. Iñigo Felgueroso, participated in the event. The Steel Innovation Cluster Strategic Plan is being completed, and will soon be sent for the approval of the regional and national bodies to become an Innovative Entrepreneurial Cluster.
The opportunity to demonstrate the viability of such initiative by promoting R&D Projects in the different value chains in the sector remains, with the aim of providing an improvement in competitiveness of the partners involved in the Cluster.

At the same time, and as a key part within the Cluster, the commissioning of the scientific-technological facility “Steel Square” is also scheduled in 2016. Located in Aviles, counts with more than 15,000 sqm distributed in three buildings. This research infrastructure will be the perfect site for developing an Open Innovation Process, where Producer, Technology Provider and Processor are provided with a unique environment for the development of Steel-based differentiated technologies and products from Asturias.


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