Two Novel Techniques of Fabric Sensing Using Carbon Nanofibers. A. Santos, P. Arquer, M. Prado, M. P. Merino, B. Ruiz. ( 2012 )

Silver or copper coatings printed in fabric have shown good electrical conductivity, an essential property in wearable electronics, however they have problems when stretched due to their fragility. On the other hand, carbon nanofiber or nanofiber-silver nanocomposites dispersed in polymeric matrices can combine high electrical conductivity with exceptional stretching properties. The use of carbon nanofiber based ink as smart textile electrodes is demonstrated in this paper by using two novel sensing methods. The first method achieves wide range pressure measurements, being able to measure the pressure on the printed sensor from soft caress to hard press. This feature allows the implementation of an artificial skin that could be used in robots or in toys for children or disabled people. The second detection method has been designed for user distinction, allowing permission control. Technical prototypes have been developed to prove the above concepts.

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