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In the field of Ceramics, at ITMA we focus on the development of multifunctional materials, which are those current materials that satisfy the requirements demanded, mainly structural ones, but which also have some other kind of critical functionality. For example:

  • Ultra-Hard materials.
  • Transparent materials in several spectral ranges.
  • Ultra-Stable materials.
  • Ultra-Resistant graphite.

Furthermore, in the field of Ceramics, we work on implantology solutions mainly based on materials that improve the performance of the current ones, with new functionalities providing specific properties to the implant.

We work with the following materials:

  • Oxidic ceramics (Alumina, Zirconia, Alumina and zirconia compounds).
  • Metals (Titanium and its alloys and cobalt-chromium alloy).
  • Metal-ceramics compounds (bio-cermets).
  • Polymers (UHMWPE, PEEK).

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