Shaped Refractories

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Shaped refractories are materials used in the construction and lining of industrial vessels that operate at very high temperatures ( >1000 °C). They are pieces with a standardized form: bricks, wedges, or special pieces. mouldable, etc. ).

ITMA works with companies of the sector refractory specifically in the following aspects:

  • Comprehensive Thermomechanical characterization of conforming units.
  • Comprehensive chemical-physical characterization of conforming refractories.
  • Post-mortem studies.
  • Formulation Design.
  • Conditioning and processing of raw materials: aggregates and powders.
  • "Semidry" and "wet" non conforming through: uniaxial press and isostatic pressing, extrusion and injection.
  • Design and evaluation of heat treatments: drying, tempering and sintering.
  • Machining of moulded parts.
  • Design and modelling of parts and refractory lining.
  • Development of R + D + i projects.

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