Steel & Metallic Alloys

D. Metallic Materials    Structural Mechanics  Welding  Equipment  

The Steel and Metallic Alloys R&D Area owns a recognisable experience, knowledge and technological skills that have been acquired related to technical research and development of metallic materials all along its trajectory since 1990.

During this time ITMA has become a strategic point of reference in the field of Steel and Metallurgy thanks to the solid knowledge of their research group and the close collaboration with companies and leading research centres in this field.

Our activities on Steel and Metallic Alloys cover the full cycle of development of materials, from the design of such materials, their manufacturing path and heat treatments, passing by their microstructural and mechanical characterisation to the analysis of their in-service behaviour, its mechanical and superficial integrity including the study of their properties against conforming, manufacturing and welding or joining method operations.