Development of Metallic Materials

D. Metallic Materials    Structural Mechanics  Welding  Equipment  

Research activity of the DMM Unit focuses on the development, manufacturing and use of metallic materials. We collaborate with both manufacturers and users of metallic materials in the development of processes and materials.
Service life, in service behavior, strength, corrosion and wear resistance, high temperature stability, formability properties, etc., are some specific questions that may concern different sectors such as steelmaking, heat treatment, automotive, energy, petrochemical, etc.
We assist our clients in the context of short-term technical assistances or multi-year long-term projects. To achieve projects objectives, we combine design and simulation, pilot-scale process trials and advanced materials analysis.
Although our research activity is related mainly to development of new steel grades, we also work with other important metals such as aluminum alloys, nickel base alloys, high-temperature materials, cast irons, etc.

  • Simulation softwares: ThermoCalc, JmatPro
  • Melting and Casting Pilot plant
  • Hot and Cold Rolling trials at a pilot plant scale
  • Continuous annealing and galvanizing simulator (Rhesca)
  • Furnaces for heat treatment under controlled atmosphere equipped with different cooling systems
  • Quench and strain dilatometry.
  • Thermal and thermogravimetric analysis.
  • Metallographic and chemical analysis laboratories
  • Optical, confocal and high resolution scanning microscopy (equipped with EDS-EBSD detectors)
  • Hardness, microhardness and ultra-microhardness testing
  • High Temperature X-Ray Diffraction
  • Characterization of mechanical and formability properties