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Comparators Bench

Among the most commoncalibration activitieswithin the area of ​​dimensional metrology, include calibrationof comparators,and perhapsthe most common are smallrangecomparators. For this type ofequipment, a comparators bench is used, whichallows calibrationup to 25 mm range andameasurement resolutionof0.1 microns.Forwider rangeequipment,a coordinate measuring machine is available.

This equipment allowscomparatorscalibrationup to25mm range withresolutions equal toor greater than1 micron

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Multifunction Calibrator

This type of equipment allows us tocarry outcalibrationofthefollowing variables: CC current, AC current, DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance. Performingcalibrationsof the followingmeasuring equipment:

  • Amperimeters
  • Voltimeters
  • Ohmnimeters
  • Multimeters
  • Clamp meters
  • Indicators
  • Voltagesources
  • Current sources
  • Resistance sources.

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Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

The coordinate measuring machine is considered within the dimensional area as one of its most important elements. Measurements can be performed in one dimension up to 1000 mm range, ensuring measurement accuracies lower than [0.3 microns + (L (mm) / 1500) µm].

This CMM is intended for calibration activities related to coordinate measuring.

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Hydraulics Gas Piston Gauge and Pneumatics Gas Piston Gauge

Gas Piston Gauges are rotary piston machines whose operations is based on the principle of force balance. Their operating ranges are 0-1200 bar for Hydraulics Gas Piston Gauge and 0-120 bar for Pneumatics Gas Piston Gauge.

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